Everbright Electrical Industries (HK) Ltd. is a company which professionally manufactures elevator fittings. Its business involves LCD display system, elevator push button, infra-red safty detector etc. The factory established in ShenZhen possesses advanced production facilities and a group of professional technicians who have engaged in the research and development of elevator fittings for many years. Its customer involves a large number of elevator companies distributed mainly over Europe and America, South-East Asia, Australia and Middle-East. Everbright established its representative office in Shanghai in Feb. 2005 to develop mainland market.

Everbright mainly engages in the research, design, manufacture and sale of elevator push button, display, keypad and infra-red safty detector, especially to mention elevator push button which has become a leading enterprise in this field. The elevator push buttons and keypad produced by Everbright has been adopted by major elevator manufacturers all over the world for many years and we can find the products of Everbright in many large constructions and buildings, e.g. Sydney Opera House, University of Singapore, Hong-Kong Disneyland etc.

The buttons produced by Everbright has always hold on a dominant position in the sale and market possession in the world's market. Three series now available can provide different choices according to the customer's demand. The biggest advantage of the products of Everbright is its anti-damage. The body of the buttons adopts polycarbonate (bulletin-proof glue) and high temperature condensation secondary forming technology which has overcome the shortcoming of former glue bonding between components.